Snapshots: Around the World in Epcot

Epcot is my favourite park in Disney World. Always has been. It combines the two things I love most: travel and science. Half of the park is futuristic with attractions such as The Land showcasing how technology can help our world, while the other half, The World Showcase, shows us a little glimpse of places around the world. If you’ve never been, The World Showcase … Continue reading Snapshots: Around the World in Epcot

Snapshots: Up, Up and Away!

Our trip to Florida was the longest trip the Bulgarian and I ever took together. It was really special to me in particular because Orlando is somewhere I went most summers as a child with my family. I associate it really strongly with being happy with my family, so it was a big deal to me to share that with the Bulgarian. There’s never been … Continue reading Snapshots: Up, Up and Away!