Fishy Findings in East London

  Recently, I happened upon Wholesale Tropicals, a very cool shop on Bethnal Green Road that sells tropical fish, and these teeny tiny little turtles. The third picture up there in particular made me laugh – it looked like the fish version of a wife and kids visiting Daddy in jail. It’s a ‘blink and you’d miss it’ kinda place, but if you get the … Continue reading Fishy Findings in East London

Damascu Bite

  About a week ago, I went for lunch on Brick Lane in this lovely Syrian restaurant called Damascu Bite. The decor is gorgeous, and  they do a very good halloumi wrap. When we first arrived, there were two girls sitting at the table by the window, chatting. Suddenly, a guy with a very large camera appeared and started taking photos of them. One of the girls … Continue reading Damascu Bite

Wandering down Shacklewell Street

Earlier today, I went for a wander around Brick Lane and ended up walking down Shacklewell Street, where I found this really cute community garden with allotments and a tire swing for kids. I have no idea what exactly this place is, a sign at the gate said “Weaver Centre” but google has so far turned up no information. If anyone can shed any light, … Continue reading Wandering down Shacklewell Street

Cheap Food Shopping in Bethnal Green

  I’ve lived in Shoreditch for nearly three years now, and yet have only just discovered how amazing the vegetable stalls in Bethnal Green are. The other day, I volunteered to cook dinner for my flatmates as we hadn’t all spent time together in quite awhile. Two of us are vegetarians and the other two aren’t fussy, so I called up to Bethnal Green to … Continue reading Cheap Food Shopping in Bethnal Green