Cheap Food Shopping in Bethnal Green

food image


I’ve lived in Shoreditch for nearly three years now, and yet have only just discovered how amazing the vegetable stalls in Bethnal Green are.

The other day, I volunteered to cook dinner for my flatmates as we hadn’t all spent time together in quite awhile. Two of us are vegetarians and the other two aren’t fussy, so I called up to Bethnal Green to get some vegetables for the meal. I managed to make a dinner to feed four people that cost less than £4, that’s less than £1 per person.

The vegetables in the above picture came to a total of £3.50 and the pasta came from the tesco value range (surprisingly no different to regular pasta, despite my initial reluctance).

All along Bethnal Green road towards the tube station, there are fruit and veg stalls, selling very fresh produce at a fraction of the price you’d pay in Tesco. My favourite one though is a shop with a veg stall out the front and a door into the shop at the back of the vegetables. I recently bought apples there that were nearly the size of my head! Seriously, I couldn’t even finish one without getting full!


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