On an evening in NOLA


The other night, my friend V and I met for drinks. We hadn’t seen each other in months and V wanted to celebrate his new job. I suggested we go check out NOLA, a New Orleans inspired bar above Bedroom Bar on Rivington Street.

NOLA is small, and tucked away at the top of a staircase above Bedroom Bar.
When V and I walked in, we were the only ones there. And it was already 9pm. Not the best start.

The bar itself is a little bigger than my living room, but it’s very pretty, the decor was lovely. The dim lighting and candlelight made for a lovely atmosphere, and had I been on a date, rather than with V, I’m sure this would have been even more appreciated.

The cocktail list is interesting, although, as with many places in Shoreditch, a little overpriced.

All in all, it’s a lovely bar, and I would go again, although next time on a weekend night perhaps. Being the only ones in a bar is somewhat depressing.



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