Mother Inferior



I’m pretty sure that those of you who have spent a significant time in Shoreditch will have, at some point, stumbled through the doors of Mother Bar and into a sticky-floored paradise (or so it seems at 2am), filled with wonderfully cheesy music and men that think thrusting in your direction counts as a legitimate dance move.

In fact, it was in Mother Bar, that I once met one of these thrusting Lotharios, a man named Abz who told me “If you come wiv me, I’ll get you any drink you want. You won’t have to drink pints anymore”.
Ladies, for a good time, call Abz: 1800-PINTS-NO-MORE.

Yep, I can safely say that Mother Bar has been the backdrop for many an eventful night and a giggle-filled retelling the morning after.
On Tuesday night, they opened up their new VIP area, Mother Superior. Mother Superior, contrary to what you’d presume, is actually in the basement. Just follow the creepy, bathmat-furry walls down to the basement and there you go.

It’s strange, there’s a bar and a couple of booths, and a small dancefloor down the back where a DJ was blaring out the Chemical Brothers (So not Mother Bar, I was expecting more “Too Many Man”), although the bar was serving free drinks all night, and there was at least one sleazy looking guy so that definitely helped mollify the horror of Mother Bar trying to be classy.

Mother Bar is like an embarrassing, diva-esque mother- trashy, cheesy and not really something you’d want to introduce your bosto… but if she suddenly started wearing beige and pearls, she just wouldn’t be half as fun.

It’s the tackiness that makes us love her. (Well, me anyway. My boyfriend’s still not convinced.)




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