Wandering round Shoreditch with Shoreditch Hype


A couple of weekends ago, I got a tweet from Shoreditch Hype asking if I wanted two tickets to join their Coffee and Art tour of Shoreditch. Eh, yes please.

If you haven’t heard of Shoreditch Hype, its an app that gives realtime information of what’s happening in Shoreditch… it’s pretty good, although being a computer programmer, I’ve definitely mentally picked a few holes, haha.

Anyway, the tour took place on a Saturday, and just as I was about to leave, my housemate came breezing through the door, announcing that Stoli vodka had set up a promotional van next to Boxpark and they were giving out free lemon vodka sorbets. Sweet.

I dragged my boyfriend along with me to nab some of this before the tour. I loved it. He complained that there shouldn’t be lemon in his vodka. Typical Slavic man.

Halfway through a spoonful of sorbet, he glanced at me, narrowed his eyes and suspiciously asked “Is this a hipster thing we’re going to?”

2As it happens, no, it wasn’t. It was perfectly lovely, although what really made it for me was the tour guide. An incredibly sweet, enthusiastic girl from Florida who seemed to take genuine delight in her job – not something you often see in London.

The tour lasted about 3-4 hours, and in that time we got to taste bubble tea, check out a new market, try an espresso martini in the Jones Family Project (incredibly cool place – check it out) and visit some of the small galleries around Shoreditch.

I’d never actually gotten around to visiting any galleries in Shoreditch before, which was a real oversight on my part, given that they’re awesome. We saw about 4 on the tour but my favourites were My Art Invest, (a pretty cool idea – you buy shares in the artwork, so you can buy a ‘piece’ of Banksy or the like for about £100, and if the artwork is ever sold, you get a cut of it proportionate to what you initially bought in for) and the Pure Evil gallery, both very much focused on street art/graffiti style art.

The tour ended in Be At One on Old Street, which wouldn’t be my choice given my loathing for chain pubs (I’m Irish, chain pubs are unnatural), but on the whole, the day was lovely and Shoreditch Hype have done a really nice job putting it all together.

It even got a surprised “That was really nice” from the previously suspicious Slav.

High praise indeed.


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