Flatmate Transitions


The other night, we held flat viewings, to try fill the spare room.

Over the last year, the people I’ve lived with have, for the first time since I’ve been in London, felt more like actual friends than strangers I found on Gumtree. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the last year, and a lot of stress.

This isn’t one of those “it’s been hard but we all love each other 4evz” posts – there was a lot of stress, and now that we’re at the end it’s all a bit bittersweet.

Despite all this though, I can’t forget the nice parts too and the memories in our flat. It’s actually been fun to live with these girls and share a little part of our lives for a little while.



We’ve had our ups and downs, but our ups have been pretty spectacular. They include drinking rum at the foot of the Gherkin at dawn, ‘acquiring’ interesting furniture for the flat, making up nicknames for our neighbours that only we find hilarious, spending so much time in the local kebab shops after nights out that not only do the workers know our names and our preferred orders, but can actually report back about our whereabouts.

There was a night I left the club early and went home, and although my flatmates assumed I’d wandered home, as I tend to do, the kebab man actually told them “Oh yes, we saw her go by here about an hour ago”. Both slightly mortifying and practical.

On Monday, 12 strangers came traipsing through our flat, and surprisingly, no total weirdos this time.

We managed to narrow down our selection to one girl who seemed lovely, and offered her the room, which she has now accepted. I’m both excited about the new flatmate, but really going to miss the two that were leaving.

In a city as cold and lonely as London, it is people who make your place a home…and for the last year, mine really was. I’ll miss them a lot, but here’s hoping we’re just as happy with our new flatmate.


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