Disappointing dining in Sarastro [Restaurant Review]

  Have you ever had those places that you’ve walked by a bunch of times and always thought “That looks lovely”? I do it all the time, I kind of develop these little crushes on bars and restaurants around London. I’ll walk by and something will catch my eye, maybe the name, maybe the music, some part of the décor I can see through the … Continue reading Disappointing dining in Sarastro [Restaurant Review]

Just One Thing

Today, I went to a conference in the Barbican Centre here in London, Beyond Conf. One of the talks was by Una Kravets, called Open Sourcing Your Life. The talk was about using GitHub to store your to-do lists and goals. The speaker reasoned that making her goals public like that made her feel more accountable for them, and more likely to do them. The … Continue reading Just One Thing