Merry Friendsmas!

I think you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t like Christmas. It’s such a fun, warm, cosy time of year. People come together, spend more time together and it’s just lovely.

Recently, I was in Denmark and learned the word ‘hygge’, which means a cosy, lovely time spent. Last Sunday, I had my very own ‘hygge’ Christmas dinner.

Living in Central London, most of my friends and I are from other countries, and those who are English are by and large from towns outside London. This year, my flatmates and I decided to put together a Christmas dinner for our friends, our self-selected London family.

My Bulgarian boyfriend had never had Christmas dinner, not in the way that us British Islanders would think of Christmas dinner anyway, so I wanted to pull out all the stops for this one.

On Saturday evening, a rather large Tesco delivery arrived, and on Sunday morning, my flatmate and I started cooking.

A few hours later, we had yorkshire puddings, Quorn chicken, stuffing, cranberry sauce, parsnips, mashed potato, roast potato, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and onion gravy all ready to serve up to our guests.

Fitting seven people around a table in a tiny east London flat was no mean feat, let me tell you, but it was such a lovely evening with lots of food, lots of wine and cheese and board games.

It was easily my favourite dinner I’ve ever hosted, and I like to cook a lot. I think Friendsmas is going to have to become an annual tradition.

Merry Christmas!


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