Happy New Year

So I’m nine days late to the party, but Happy New Year everyone!

New Year’s Eve, to me, is usually a bit of a bust. Its a night entirely built on expectations, and rarely lives up to them. This year, I went into it with no expectations other than just being happy to spend time with my boyfriend and one of my best friends, and it ended up being one of the best NYEs I’ve ever had.


This is the third New Year’s that the Bulgarian and I have spent together. The first year, we went to a party where no alcohol was allowed and distinct vibe of ‘organised fun’, the second year we hung out with a load of Italians, a load of food and played Cards Against Humanity – that was fun.

This year, we went to Dublin. My parents moved to the US a year ago, so I spent Christmas there, but got to go home instead for New Years. I’d decided long before New Years that I wasn’t interested in doing anything big or terribly expensive, overpriced tickets for an overcrowded club just isn’t my thing.

I finally got to introduce the Bulgarian to my dear friend M, and the three of us went for dinner in a Japanese restaurant along the quays of the river.

We then headed over to a really typical, traditional little Irish pub on a side street. Its one of my favourite places in Dublin, if I’ve paid a visit there, I know I’ve had a successful trip home.

I think part of what made this New Years great was the company, and part was the lack of expectations – it was so nice to go out and get so wrapped up in conversation that you almost forget that the countdown is about to start, or worry about having the perfect outfit, or worry who you’re going to kiss. I’m a bit of a stressball at the best of times, but sometimes it’s so nice to just let go and be in the moment.

So here’s to 2016, let’s hope its a great one for all of us and remember to just be in the moment once in awhile.


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