Review: Wreck and Order

I was given a copy of Hanna Tennant-Moore’s book Wreck and Order to review. The hours I spent reading this book would have been more pleasantly spent plucking each individual hair out of my scalp.

I’m no prude, and I’m all for the idea of women being able to explore and discuss sexuality – there’s a reason Sex and the City was so popular. This, however, went beyond the idea of exploring and being open about sexuality to the point of being needlessly crude. Think strange quotes such as “I felt the cotton of my underpants shifting over my buttocks, my asshole tingling and contracting”. Perhaps it was for shock factor, perhaps as some ‘bold’ statement about being a woman and being openly sexual, but whatever the driving factor, this just fell very short of the mark.

The protagonist, Elsie, is a deeply unlikeable, narcissistic, spoiled brat. She travels a lot and lives a fairly ‘free’ lifestyle, but this is no Eat, Pray, Love and there’s no deeper meaning to be found. Her life seems to solely consist of self pity and empty sexual experiences. I’ve encountered books before with unlikeable characters, American Psycho and books without particularly sympathetic characters, like Choke, but part of the appeal of the books is what you feel towards the characters and the story they guide you through. This had neither substance in story nor in narrative. A poor excuse for a book.

From the overtly sexual descriptions to the needlessly wordy, rambling narrative, this book was all wreck, no order.

One out of five stars. *


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