Snapshots: Life Lately


Farewell drinks with a dear friend.

I met up with my friend J before he went to Hong Kong for 6 months. What started out as a quiet ‘one or two’ ended up as delicious cocktails in the Shoreditch branch of The London Cocktail Club


Dinner back in Ireland with my mom and grandma.

My parents live in the US, so while my mom was home visiting my grandma, I flew back to Dublin to spend some time with her. She brought my grandma and I for dinner in a pub I hadn’t been to in years. It used to be an old police station and now it’s turned into a really nice pub with a separate restaurant part. I was amazed that despite the fact that there was a football match going on in the bar, we couldn’t hear anything from the dining room!
My dinner was an amazing goats cheese and spinach tart – definitely one of the best dinners I’ve had in awhile.


Sick day movies.

I hate feeling unwell, and usually I’ll end up spending longer poking around on the likes of Facebook and Reddit rather than just sitting still and watching a movie, but this one was pretty good! It’s about a young New York man who meets a beautiful French woman… except she’s married. I’ll say no more, but it might be worth a look for a rainy afternoon.


Pre-theatre pints.

Recently, I went to go and see Mrs. Henderson Presents with some colleagues in the West End. We got very cheap tickets, and decided to go for a drink before the show. The barmaid gave us a code that would get us £5 off if we paid for our drinks through an app. We each downloaded the app and it ended in each of us paying just 50p! Result.


Vegan Breakfast.

There’s a cute little cafe in Bethnal Green that I’d walked by a few times. I won’t say too much because I do intend on writing a blog post on it, but let’s say its all vegetarian and very delicious!


Work drinks.

Each month, my company gives each team £200 to go spend on a social event. We spent ours last month in Plonk in Hoxton, a bizarre mini golf course lit solely by UV lights, tucked away at the back of a bar. Golf was no great shakes, but the drinks were great.


Valentine’s Bag.

I love this bag from Skinnydip, and as it happened, I wore it while I was in Ireland for Valentine’s Day – very apt, huh?


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