Easter Weekend in Ireland

Happy Tuesday, friends! If, like me, you’ve just had a four day weekend, it might have been a little bit of a struggle getting up this morning. I’ll admit, there was a bit of an internal dialogue telling me “get up, you are a grown woman and need a job to pay rent”.


This weekend though, was a lot of fun. I went back home to Dublin for the weekend, and as it happens, this year marks the 100 year anniversary of when the Irish began the fight for our independence. One of the pivotal moments of the fight for independence was the Easter Rising in 1916, an armed resistance against British rule. It was awhile later before Ireland was officially independent and declared a Republic, but the Easter Rising is considered the turning point. It was a really great experience to be able to be in Dublin city for the centenary.


On Saturday, I had made plans with my friend M to go and meet her at a museum for an exhibition of 1916 Rising artefacts. As it happened, the museum had to close the exhibit early because it was just too busy. We decided to go for dinner instead, and as I was walking along the river to meet her, a parade full of bagpipers appeared out of nowhere!

We also paid a visit to The Celt on Talbot Street, a pub that M introduced me to some time ago and has since become our regular haunt whenever I return to Dublin. It’s usually a pretty lively, bustling place but on Saturday night it was busier than usual, and with a bit of an odd crowd. It wasn’t its usual full-of-life self, and after a couple of drinks we decided to move on.


We ended up in another bar, and the only seats we could find were in an area that we think might have been booked out for a 21st birthday party. Nobody seemed to care that we were there however, and a sign advertising a cocktail called “The Slapper” gave us a bit of a laugh (Irish slang for someone who gets around, if you know what I mean).



A lot of the buildings around Dublin were lit up in the green, white and orange of our flag. It was a really nice, striking sight to see.


I also met up with my friend S to go for brunch in the Fumbally – my first ever brunch, would you believe! Their falafel plates were huge, I couldn’t finish mine.


On Sunday, I made dinner for my grandmother and I. I felt a little bad that I had spent most of the weekend dashing about to see people, so I wanted to sit down and spend some proper time with her. On the Friday night that I arrived, we watched Dirty Dancing together, but I hadn’t seen much of her since, so I thought dinner would be a nice idea.

I made us a veggie lasagne with Quorn mince. My grandmother isn’t a vegetarian, but she said she couldn’t taste much difference between it and real meat, so I’ll take her word for it!

Blue skies on a cold day!

After dinner, I went to go and meet one of my old schoolfriends for drinks. Our original plan was to take some drinks down to the sea and sit and chat like old times, but given that it was Ireland, it was just too cold, despite the beautiful blue skies. We had a great time chatting and catching up.


By the time yesterday, Monday, rolled around, it felt like the weekend had just flown by far too quickly. I said my goodbyes around midday and made my way to the airport, feeling a little sad to be going, like I always do. It was a great weekend though.

This year, I told myself now that I’m working and in a better position to be able to afford flights that I would make more effort to go home more often, and I’m so glad that I am. I feel like I’m reconnecting with old friends more and spending more time with my grandma.


The cherry on top of a lovely weekend was the rainbow I saw from the bus to the airport. Shame there was no pot of gold at the end!

What did you all get up to? I hope your weekends were lovely too.


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