Visiting Grandma

Last weekend, I went home to Ireland. One of my brothers works in Canada, and was over in Dublin for a two week holiday. I hadn’t seen him since Christmas in Florida, so I went home to hang out with him for awhile.

My parents and youngest brother live in the US, so my grandma is the only one of my immediate family left in Ireland. My grandma and I have always been really close, I lived with her right before I left to move to London. When I was a student, I didn’t go home as often as I should have, in part due to money and in part due to study. This year though, I decided I’d try and get home as often as possible.

When I’m home, I stay with my grandma, but I’m often running around meeting different friends, and have felt quite guilty that maybe I’m not spending enough time with grandma. She assures me she’s perfectly happy just to have me around, but now that she’s getting a lot older, I feel like I want to spend more time with her.

The last time I was home was over Easter Weekend, and I cooked a lasagna for my grandma and I. We had dinner together and a glass of wine, and it was really nice to be able to make something for her and spend that time together. Before this trip, I told my brother that I’d really like us to do something with Grandma while we’re both home, so on Saturday evening, we went for dinner in a pub nearby.

The pub, The Golden Ball in Stepaside, was one I’d been to years ago, but not since its renovation. It’s lovely inside, definitely more of a shabby chic/farmhouse vibe than old man pub, and the staff are great. I asked the waitress if we could sit somewhere not too high up and that would be comfortable for an older person. She seated us at one table, but then moved us to a nicer one when it opened up, which I appreciated it.

A cool little Christmas card address book I found while tidying up in Grandma’s. It lets you keep a record of who you’ve sent and received cards from!


Usually, Grandma isn’t too fond of going out of the house or to somewhere new. She finds it difficult to get around so prefers what she’s comfortable with. I was really happy she was willing to come out with us this time. I snuck up to the bar to pay when she wasn’t looking. She’s generous to a fault and it made me really happy to be able to take her out for once.

I also try to make a habit of doing some cleaning around the house every time I’m back. Grandma lives in quite a big house for one person, so clutter and dust builds up over time. I generally try to target one room or area and give it a good clean. I bought some new bedlinen for one of the rooms, and gave the room a nice sprucing up.


My lovely new pearl earrings, and the new bed linen I got for Grandma’s home. I thought it was pretty and cheerful!


My brother and I also paid a visit to the shopping centre nearby. I got a lovely pair of pearl earrings, and a few bits and bobs for Grandma.

I left last night, and got back to my flat in London quite late, so spent most of today in work dreaming of my bed. Which is exactly where I’m going to go now.

I really love my visits home, as short as they may be. Already looking forward to the next one!

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