Current Coveting: Skinnydip London

I discovered Skinnydip a few months back, while perusing Instagram. An account I followed featured one of their bags and I just fell in love with it.

I now own two lovely Skinnydip bags, and I love them.

The red heart has basically become my weekend strolling-around-town bag, and the rose gold shell is perfect for holidays. In fact, the image above was taken on a Florida beach on Christmas Day last December.

I just love how kitsch and unique their designs are – they’re such fun accessories. I’ve actually lost count of the amount of compliments my shell bag has gotten. I even got a little girl in Denmark following me around and stroking the bag!

Currently on my Skinnydip wishlist are:


The little shell coin purse would be perfect with my shell handbag. The hipflask is just so fun, who wouldn’t want that in their festival handbag? The saddle bag and the studded “Bae” bag are perfect for everyday, and the Galaxy Hannah Bag is just so pretty in its iridescence.

I’m going away at the end of May and again at the beginning of June, so I should really be watching the pennies… but with pretty bits like this, it’s so hard to resist!



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