Pop-Up Market in Spitalfields

Last weekend, the Bulgarian convinced me to go for a walk around Spitalfields, despite my protesting I was feeling extremely lazy. I’m so glad he did, because what we found there was awesome!

The online store, Not on the High Street  had a pop up event in the market. They’d taken over part of the market and built these really cool wooden structures, like little house frames, to showcase some of their goods.


I absolutely loved these big, chunky wool blankets!


Lots of cute knick knacks for sale.


A colouring wall with The Bulgarian getting to work.


Flower lollipops!


Such a cool idea, I just wish I’d gotten some more pictures of it. I love that Spitalfields does things like this. They had a Barcelona market recently, and now this, and in summer there are free swing dancing classes in front of the market. It’s awesome living next to somewhere so vibrant and with so much going on. As much as the city can be overwhelming sometimes, things like this are excellent.


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