Snapshots: Life Lately


Tapas tasting night in La Tasca. They invited people to come and try their new menu for free. There was a set menu, but unfortunately very few vegetarian options. That tomato on a cocktail stick up there? That was the only thing that we were served that I could eat. My friends kindly donated theirs, so my dinner that night was three slices of tomato!

I love La Tasca, but even this aside, I’m quite disappointed in their new menu. They seem to have removed their spinach and cheese croquettes, sad times!


Espresso Martinis in Dirty Martini, Liverpool Street. The Bulgarian, some of my work friends and I called in here after the La Tasca tasting. It was happy hour, so drinks were two for one.


Late night dinner in the Diner. The espresso martinis went straight to my head after the three tomatoes, so the Bulgarian and I popped in here for some cheese fries.


Mini breakfast date on the way to work – coffee and cronut!


Preparing for Bank Holiday cocktail party – Chambord and Cocktail umbrellas


My take on French Martinis – So delicious


Adorable ice cream bowls in Tiger. I have absolutely no use for them, otherwise I’d definitely get a couple.


Having a techy day with my computers.


Pop up dog bar in Soho.


Colouring wall in the Not on the High Street pop up in Spitalfields


More Not on the High Street displays


Mojito ice pops – delicious on a hot day


DF/Mexico and their delicious chipotle ketchup


One thought on “Snapshots: Life Lately

  1. La Tasca, is that a Spanish place?

    It hadn’t occur to me that most tapas I know are not suitable for vegetarians (even olives normally have fish stuck inside!). I can only think of “papas aliñás”. There’s definitely room for improvement on that front.


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