Something for the Weekend: Craft Beer Tasting

If there is one thing East London is great for, it’s pop ups. I love how even the most niche things get a pop up, and this weekend, a Hungarian Craft Beer pop up is making its way to The Shoreditch Arts Club on Leonard Street.

Photo: The Plot Twist

The Budapest Bar is a creation by The Plot Twist wine and for £15 you can get a craft beer tasting and an unlimited aperitivo buffet. This was an unusual custom I noticed in Milan. Happy hour there meant that drinkers could avail themselves of as many appetisers and bar snacks as they liked. As much as I love a discounted drink, I have to admit, having snacks on hand while drinking is pretty nice.

The buffet seems to have a pretty good selection too.

It’s something out of the ordinary, so if you’re looking for something to do in Shoreditch this weekend, why not check it out? I know I’m tempted!

Image: The Plot Twist

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