Polo Bar, Liverpool Street

Polo Bar is one of those places that has been on my “to visit” list for who knows how long. Something of an institution, the 24 hour bar and restaurant faces Liverpool Street station. I’ve seen it full of hungry revellers at the end of a night out and fraught commuters in the morning, waiting to get their pastries to scoff on the Tube.

I’ve been intending to go for so long that it got pushed further and further down the “to visit” list and was eventually forgotten about.

Until last weekend! My friend Sarah came to stay and one of the mornings she was here, we went out to get breakfast. The queue to the Breakfast Club was its usual horrible self, so we had to come up with an alternative. Sarah had her heart set on getting Eggs Benedict, so we figured why not give Polo Bar a try.


Inside, the decor is kind of vintage, but in a homely way. There are lots of little knick knacks and touches here and there that probably wouldn’t be out of place in our grandparent’s homes. Its a comforting vibe, and with the white tiled walls and a skylight overhead, its bright and airy.


Not much one for eggs, I went for a cheese toastie and chips. Hardly anything too exciting, but its comforting and after a night of wine, it was exactly what I wanted. The toastie itself was nothing to write home about, I’ve had better and this felt a little dry, but the chips were those proper chunky ones with the skin still on, and they were perfect.


The prices are kind of what you’d expect in London. I wouldn’t call Polo Bar cheap, but it’s not remarkably expensive either, just standard.


It also wasn’t terribly busy either, which was nice for a Saturday morning, and the wait to get our food was reasonable too.



Sarah got the Eggs Benedict and some sweet potato fries, which were really good.


There are also a bunch of pastries for sale by the front of the restaurant. I often see commuters grabbing these on the go on the morning. I’m tempted to try the cannoli next time.


Polo Bar also serves alcohol 24 hours a day. Although we didn’t partake on this visit, its good to know the next time you find yourself hankering for a beer at 5am!

Its appeal is definitely in its 24 hour opening, so I could see this being somewhere perfect for a quick breakfast before a bus to the airport or a meal after a night out. During normal hours though, its an okay place, probably not the top of my list in the area, but I’d definitely be happy to go again sometime!


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