Date Night: Mexican and Les Miserables

Back in December, I bought tickets to Les Miserables on a whim. I found an excellent deal on Amazon Tickets, and thought that it might be something fun to do one night as The Bulgarian was finishing up his thesis, to take his mind off things. I’d originally planned for it to be a surprise, but annoyingly, I had to spill the beans as he was … Continue reading Date Night: Mexican and Les Miserables

Foodie Friday: French Martinis

  Okay, so it’s not strictly food, but it’s delicious so work with me here. I’ve had a pretty busy week, and unfortunately, just haven’t had time to experiment with anything more adventurous than pasta pesto in the kitchen.   I first came across the drink in Dirty Martini a few years back. It was my flatmate’s birthday and so we all went to a cocktail … Continue reading Foodie Friday: French Martinis