Feeling under the weather

This week, I’ve been pretty lax on posting. I’ve been feeling very under the weather, and it’s hard to put my finger on why. I spent last weekend in Torquay, which was an amazing way to spend the bank holiday, but since then, I’ve just felt wiped out. I’ve felt tired most of the time recently, but this just kind of knocked me out a bit.

I’ve been going to bed almost as soon as getting home from work all week, and then even ended up taking yesterday off, which I’m still annoyed at myself about. I’m not sure what the problem is exactly. Being a vegetarian, many people suggested that it might be an iron deficiency, and so I started taking iron pills, which have helped somewhat.

It’s frustrating though, I keep finding myself too tired (or lazy) to do even the most basic tasks. Right now, my desk chair is piled high with clean laundry, and I need to go grocery shopping for the week, and even that feels like too much right now.

In any case, lets hope a quiet weekend is what I need to rest up and let this bout of tiredness pass… and next week, I plan to resume my regular posting. So bear with me, readers, I’m not gone, and will be back soon.

Have a lovely weekend!



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