The 5 things I hate about Shoreditch

So this a little different than usual, considering my usual love for my neighbourhood, but I thought I’d share a little about what I don’t love so much. I’ve lived here for about four years, and while there is so much to see, do and explore, part of that brings with it some things that just aren’t so great. I normally focus on all the great stuff, but that’s not real life, so let’s get a little real..

  1.  Drunk people
    I don’t mean people just having fun on a night out. I mean the girls sprawled on the ground outside Shoreditch High Street station while their friends try to convince them to stand up. I mean the guys peeing against the wall opposite my building. I mean the group of lads storming down my road on a Wednesday night, singing at the top of their lungs. I mean all the people who got sick the night before, leaving puddles that we have to try to avoid on our way to work in the morning.When I was in my final year of university, I used to hate walking back from the library late on a weekend. There was more than once I had to avoid a group of guys hollering at me while I try to manoeuvre through them with my bag of books.There’s having fun on a night out and there’s taking it to a truly disgusting level, and that’s just not fun.
  2. Bad Graffiti

    Shoreditch is known for its street art, there are even walking tours that solely focus on it. Some of it is awesome, and I love it. I love the effort that the artists put into their work. I’ve seen some truly beautiful, creative, eye catching pieces, and the temporary nature of it all makes it a little more special.
    I  don’t love all of it, the photo above is an example of the pieces I really don’t love. Some time ago, I saw this person’s art cropping up all over the place and I HATE it. There’s a wall nearby that is constantly changing with different artists work, and I remember one month, a beautiful piece was covered up with this. I know art is subjective, and some of you might disagree with me and love this artist’s work!

    That isn’t my real gripe though, what really bothers me is the people who ruin beautiful pieces of artwork with stupid scrawls like “Anto was ere” or just deface property with scribbles.

    I think the general rule should be if it doesn’t require some real artistic talent, don’t bother putting it up – let the artists colour our streets, thanks.

  3. Getting woken up at night
    This is what prompted this post. In my building, there is an intercom doorbell system that sounds like an air raid alarm it’s so loud. At 5am this morning, the doorbell went off with some drunk fools outside, demanding to be let in. I was less than polite and hung up, pressing the silencer button. I’m irritated by this today, I’m a light sleeper at the best of times, and when I get woken up, I find it really difficult  to get back to sleep. Thanks to Rudeboy and his mates, I got very little sleep last night and feel cranky and drowsy today.
    This isn’t the first time it’s happened, people often just ring the bells for all the flats in the building, hoping one will let them in. It’s not fair though and its not a nice thing to do.
  4. The crowds on Sundays
    We all love a good Sunday market, and the ones in Shoreditch, especially the food markets, are great. Who doesn’t love to be able to buy gnocchi, Ethiopian grub and coconut water in one fell swoop? The crowds though… oh man. It’s like all of the rest of London decided to don their most fashionable outfits and descend on the neighbourhood. My flatmates and I have had many a hungover morning skulking to the shop to buy croissants, weaving in and out of the parade of fashionistas, while we try to ignore the fact we’re in slouchy sweatpants.
  5. The stink of wee on Monday mornings
    This one bugs me more than the others. With all the merriment of the weekend, there is an unmistakable, pungent odour of urine oozing out of every nook and cranny come Monday morning. As I walk to the tube, its everywhere. Doorway? Piss. Recess by a wall? Piss. Bin? Piss. It’s horrible. Even with the efforts the council make to put up those temporary urinals, it seems that the men (and some women) of London forget their potty training of a weekend. I know that sometimes nature calls, but it’s disgusting. I hate that there are so many people with such little regard for the rest of us. Just use a loo like civilised people, please.

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