Greetings from Orlando

Good morning!

You may have noticed that the blog has been a little quiet this last week and the reason for that is: I’m away!

Right now, I am in Orlando, Florida. I came over with The Bulgarian to visit my parents. We arrived on Saturday the 11th June and on Sunday morning I woke up to messages from friends who had heard about the Pulse nightclub shooting and were concerned. What a horrific piece of news to wake up to. It baffles me how someone can have so much hatred for others that they could go and do something like that.

If I’m being entirely honest, it baffles me that people can have a problem with homosexuality at all. If you’re not homosexual, it’s something that has zero effect on you, so why the hate? Let’s put it another way – I’m not particularly attracted to men with ponytails. Never have been, it’s just not my bag. With that in mind, I couldn’t care less if a friend wants to grow a ponytail or a friend of mine meets a guy he or she likes who has a ponytail. It has literally nothing to do with me. If I were to become enraged because one of my male friends decided to grow a ponytail or because I saw a guy with flowing locks walking down the street, you’d call me ridiculous right? I see homophobia exactly the same way.

I love how open minded and accepting many of my generation are, and last year, while I was gutted that Ireland didn’t allow a postal vote for its citizens abroad, I still cried happy tears when the vote in favour of gay marriage was passed. We’ve come such a long way, and it’s wonderful, and we’re seeing positive changes like this happen all over the world.

While I know that the Pulse nightclub shooter was one insane guy, and we could probably go into a whole other discussion about America and its gun laws, the unfortunate fact is, there are a lot of people out there who do still hate the LGBT community. Not all of them are crazy or cruel enough to go and act on it, but as long as there is hatred and fear there, we’re still not done as a society.

I’ve often said to The Bulgarian “What are the odds of us ending up together?”. There are billions of people on earth, different ages, genders and races. The chances of you ending up in the same place as one other person who happens to meet all the qualities you look for in a mate AND have them like you back are actually pretty small, especially if you’re like me and are quite cautious about dating. Knowing all of that, if we still manage to find someone, isn’t that something to feel lucky about? Love is love, and whatever consenting adult you find it with, if you do – you’re incredibly lucky.

The point I’m getting at here is that we should be appreciative and grateful for what we have, and support others who’ve found it too. It’s not our place to tell anyone that they can’t love whoever they do.

After all, love is love.



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