Hello again!


You guys might have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately, since my trip to Orlando at the beginning of June.

I started a new project in work immediately after I got back and things have been kind of hectic ever since.

Since I’ve had this blog, every so often I’ve had to give it a little break here and there. Usually because of work, but always because life just gets a bit too busy sometimes. As much as I enjoy having this blog and sharing little snippets of my life with you all, when my 9-to-5 gets really intense, all I want to do is watch Netflix or sleep at the end of the day.

Work has been particularly crazy recently, I haven’t felt like I’ve had proper down time in awhile. I came down with some kind of a cold/flu variant a couple of weeks ago and it hasn’t really let up because I quite simply haven’t had the time to be sick.

Today, I took my very first sick day from the project I’m now on. Things have finally eased up a little and I felt like I should take a day to recuperate and rest up. The builders outside my bedroom window aren’t helping, but the naps might.

In any case, I just felt like dropping in to say I’m still here. Even when I have busy periods, I don’t intend on shutting down the blog, so if I’m a little quiet, stick around all the same – I’ll be back.

I have three months full of trips and events to catch you all up on anyway, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


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