Pop Up Ikea, Shoreditch

Last night, my flatmate Paddy came home and announced that he’d discovered a new Ikea pop up store in Shoreditch. The Bulgarian was over at the time, and we had planned to go for dinner anyway, so this sounded fun.  After waiting about twenty five years for our other flatmate to get dressed to go out, we headed out to check it out.

It’s a temporary pop up called The Dining Club that’s taken up residence on Shoreditch High Street until the 25th September. There’s a kitchen space that you can rent out with some friends for a ‘Dining Experience’ in one part, a virtual reality headset that lets you explore a kitchen space in another, a kind of mini Ikea store in down the centre of the building, and an Ikea cafe in the last part.


The store part is like your typical Ikea store, with little sets around the place so you can imagine how the items would look in your home.

It’s all kitchen furniture and kitchen wares though, so don’t expect to go in to pick out a new couch!

Paddy and the Bulgarian made a beeline for the VR section, where the Bulgarian got to pretend to make meatballs. We nearly had to drag the Bulgarian away in the end as we were all getting hungry and fancied some real meatballs… or at least veggie in my case.

The restaurant part is not dissimilar to what you’d find in the larger Ikea stores. They do meatballs, chicken balls and veggie balls as well as a few smorgasbord platters.

Paddy and The Bulgarian shared some meatballs and chicken balls, while Priya and I (the veggies) shared a veggie platter and some veggie balls. It’s incredibly cheap, you can get 5 meatballs for £2, and they come with a side of veggies.

We also tried some interesting tree flavoured iced tea. The Bulgarian got a pine one, I got a birch one, both of which smelled like something I could clean the bathroom with.

It’s a cool space though, and the food is pretty tasty, given its so cheap.

It’s only there for another ten days though, so I’d recommend heading down to check it out as soon as you have a chance!




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