About ShoreditchGirl


Funnily enough, I am both female and in Shoreditch.

This is a blog about life in Shoreditch and the surrounding areas in East London. I have lived in the neighbourhood for years, and love it. If you want to read about restaurants, bars, markets and general goings on in the neighbourhood, then why not subscribe?

The blog is centred around East London, but from time to time will be peppered with little bits and bobs of what I’ve been up to. I post regularly, so be sure to come back often!


If you are an African prince/would like to send me information about enlarging body parts/want to get in touch, you can contact me at:


Thanks for reading!

One thought on “About ShoreditchGirl

  1. Hello Shoreditch girl laura, I used to visit the shop with my Father when I was just a young girl. We would stop in for a bready doughnut treat after shopping down the lane. This article for me was greatly appreciated and left it’s foot print on my heart. It was a trip down memory lane and brought a flood of joy as I read through the article. Sadly, my Father passed away a year ago. I hope the shop reopens so that many more little girls can build memories of their own when they visit the shop with their Dads.

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