Currently Coveting… Swedish Hasbeens

I’m not the biggest shopper or fashion fan, so for me to post about a brand is saying something. This is only my second Currently Coveting post,and this time, I’m lusting over Swedish Hasbeens. I first came across Swedish Hasbeens on another blog, quite some time ago. I thought they were adorable, but wasn’t so keen on the price tag. I found a cheaper brand, … Continue reading Currently Coveting… Swedish Hasbeens

Current Coveting: Skinnydip London

I discovered Skinnydip a few months back, while perusing Instagram. An account I followed featured one of their bags and I just fell in love with it. I now own two lovely Skinnydip bags, and I love them. The red heart has basically become my weekend strolling-around-town bag, and the rose gold shell is perfect for holidays. In fact, the image above was taken on … Continue reading Current Coveting: Skinnydip London

An Ode to Vintage Style

My friend M and I both have a┬álove for┬ávintage style clothes. While her taste veers more towards the gothic, and mine towards the more cutesy housewife style, we share an appreciation for the styles of the past. I personally feel that people just used to dress far more nicely years ago. You would never have seen our grandmothers trotting out to the local Tesco for … Continue reading An Ode to Vintage Style